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Course Curriculum

10+ engaging video lessons and highly practical career tips delivered by an enthusiastic young leader in Tech. Laughter guaranteed.

  • Match Purpose to Profession

    A quick, guided self-examination to better align your professional role with what you hope to change in the world

  • Refine Your Personal Brand

    Content-heavy custom videos and original itemized checklists designed to help you launch your brand identity

  • Apply Yourself Expertly

    A foolproof guide for getting any interview; the strategy that helped me land 11 professional roles in 5 years

  • Excel on the Job

    Action-packed strategies to help you make the most of your role or organization and grow as a recognized subject matter expert in your industry


“After a year of unemployment I got an offer during a pandemic!!! I secured the gig as an Associate Digital Strategist at a creative communications agency. I was confident throughout the process because of your course. The intro affirmation was a great switch on my self-doubting perspective. The "Match Purpose to Profession" brand marketing exclusive and going through your resume was useful too.”

“It's like hearing advice from your best friend! I was able to learn so much about preparing for my professional goals, even things I tend to overlook!”

“This course was very useful. It feels good to have someone who's credible, enthusiastic and knowledgeable give you important, key information.”

“This is my new holy grail.”

“Your energy is everything!! Thank you for taking the time to put together the course and share your knowledge. I appreciate your transparency. I'm so inspired and excited to put my learnings into my job search.”

“I don’t think I could have watched it at a better time in my life. I am only 22% in and I have already taken so many notes and I have had so many aha moments to the things that you were saying! I am currently a junior in college... but I really have no clue what kind of job I want to get after school and that has been the #1 thing stressing me out lately but your course has really given me things to think about!”

“Oh my goodness!! Your workshop was MORE than helpful. Beyond. Thank you for doing what you do. ”

“As someone who has been struggling with what they want to pursue in life, I'm excited to start your course and find some clarity and confidence moving forward with my job search. Graduating online this past spring due to COVID has not been easy, but I'm optimistic about what the future holds. Thank you for making this course affordable and accessible, especially for recent college grads! ”

“Thank you for giving your insight and advice on getting into the tech industry. I loved the energy you brought and really enjoyed the section on identifying your purpose and finding what gets you out of bed in the morning. Your ambition and drive is inspiring.”

“I shared some of your tips on the cover letter and spinning your story into your benefit and when my friend applied, she immediately heard back for an interview with the CEO for an account management role.”